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Indian Coinage 2023-24 British India Portuguese India Republic India (1835-2024) 10th Edition By Sainath Reddappa / Hard Back/ Full Color/ISBN : 978-93-340-7242-6/ M.R.P ₹999.00 / $45


About the book
Indian Coinage British India – Portuguese India – Republic India (1835 – 2024), 10th Edition, is a complete guidebook cum Checklist for Numismatist. This edition is updated up to date and enhanced version of former editions. This book is drafted to be a supporting guide to numismatist in identifying rare coins and its average market value. Keen study has been made by surveying and interacting with various coin sellers and numismatists from different parts of the country.

Book system
This book is classified into three major Parts, British India, Portuguese India & Republic India coins. British India Coins comprises coins issued by the British, during their rule in India between 1835 and 1947. This part illustrates coins of various denominations issued under British Rule. Portuguese India coins comprise of coins issued between 1871 – 1961 (Machine Struck). Republic India comprises of coins issued by the Government of India after India became Republic. This book catalogs Republic India Coins from 1950 to 2024. Republic India coinage is further classified into Commemorative Issue, Uncirculated Sets, Proof Sets, Uncirculated Regular Issue & Proof Set Regular Issue.


  • Pricing
  • Catalogue Layout
  • Catalogue Numbering System
  • About Coins an Introduction
  • Anatomy of Coin
  • Grading System
  • British India Coinage System
  • British India Catalog 1835-1947
  • British Protected Native States
  • Portuguese India Catalog 1871-1961
  • Republic India Coinage System
  • Mints in India
  • Republic India Catalog 1950-2024
  • Commemorative Coins 1964-2024
  • Proof Set Regular Issue 1964-68
  • UNC Regular Issue 1964-1970
  • Proof Sets Bombay & Calcutta Mint 1964-2024
  • UNC Sets Bombay & Calcutta Mint 1964 – 2024
  • UNC Sets Issued By Hyderabad Mint Upto 2024

Sainath Reddappa, the author of “Indian Coinage: British India – Portuguese India – Republic India (1835 – 2023)” is a well-known in the numismatic community. He holds a postgraduate degree in Information Technology and is an entrepreneur by profession. However, his true passion lies in collecting Indian coins. He has been a curious collector since 2004 and has developed a deep knowledge of Indian coinage, from ancient to modern coins.
The first edition of “Indian Coinage” was published in 2011 and received
a tremendous response from the numismatic community. It quickly became a bestseller among numismatists and established Sainath Reddappa as a respected authority on Indian coinage. The book’s popularity led to several subsequent editions, with the most recent being the 9th edition, which is updated up to 2023.
Throughout the book, Sainath Reddappa’s expertise and passion for Indian coinage shines through. His thorough research and detailed information make the book an invaluable resource for numismatists. The book’s organization and easy-to-understand language make it accessible to both beginners and experienced collectors.
His other book of similar interest is “Indian Banknotes: British India, Portuguese India, French India and Republic India”, its a comprehensive guide to the banknotes of India, covering banknotes of British India, Portuguese India, French India and independent & Republic India.
Sainath Reddappa is not only a respected authority on Indian coinage, but also has a passion for photography and Indian temple art and architecture. He has captured several monuments and has published several books on these subjects.

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