Indian Coinage British India Republic India 1835 - 2017 6th Edition By Sainath Reddappa

Indian Coinage 2017-18


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New Inclusion

In this edition i have included Portuguese Coinage which comprise of machine struck coins issued by the Portuguese in India between 1871 to 1961

Indian Coinage 2017-18

British India Portuguese India Republic India (1835 - 2017)

6th Edition By Sainath Reddappa

Indian Coinage British India - Portuguese India - Republic India By Sainath Reddappa


  • Included British Protected Native States
  • Included Portuguese India Coinage From 1871 -1961
  • Updated with Mint Identification for British India Coins
  • Complete guide with present market estimates
  • Coins & Coin sets listed upto July 2017.
  • Coins prices Updated
  • UNC Sets issued by Hyderabad mint included
  • Best guide to collectors with checklist features.
  • Complete colour Illustrations.
  • Well organized with standardised catalog number.
  • Usefull for variety wise, Year wise and Mint wise collectors / numismatists.

For Whom?

Indian Coinage British India - Republic India (1835 - 2017), 6th Edition is a complete guide to British India, Portuguese India & Republic India Coin Collectors or Numismatist.

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1st Edition, 2011

2nd Edition, 2011

3rd Edition, 2012

4th Edition, 2014

5th Edition, 2016

You Can Identify British India Mints

In this edition i have updated British India Coinage with Mint Identification. most of the numismatist finds difficult to identify Mint marks on British India coins. I have simplified and made it easy to Identify.

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About the book

A complete guide to every numismatist who wishes to make their collection well organized.

About the book

Indian Coinage British India - Portuguese India - Republic India (1835 - 2017) ,6th Edition, is a complete guide book cum Checklist for Numismatist / coin collectors. This edition is updated upto date and enhanced version of former editions. This book is drafted to be a supporting guide to numismatist in identifying rare coins and its average market value. Keen study has been made by surveying and interacting with various coin sellers and numismatists from different parts of the country.

Book system

This book is classified into three major Parts, British India, Portuguese India & Republic India coins. British India Coins comprises of coins issued by British during their rule in India between 1835 and 1947. This part illustrates coins of various denomination issued under British Rule. Portuguese India coins comprise of coins issued between 1871 - 1961 (Machine Struck). Republic India comprises of coins issued by Government of India after India became Republic. This book catalogs Republic India Coins from 1950 to 2017.Republic India coinage is further classified into Commemorative Issue, Uncirculated Sets, Proof Sets, Uncirculated Regular Issue & Proof Set Regular Issue.


  • Pricing
  • Catalogue Layout
  • Catalogue Numbering System
  • About Coins an Introduction
  • Anatomy of Coin
  • Grading System
  • British India Coinage System
  • British India Catalog 1835-1947
  • British Protected Native States
  • Portuguese India Catalog 1871-1961
  • Republic India Coinage System
  • Mints in India
  • Republic India Catalog 1950-2017
  • Commemorative Coins 1964-2017
  • Proof Set Regular Issue 1964-68
  • UNC Regular Issue 1964-1970
  • Proof Sets 1964-2017
  • UNC Sets 1964 - 2017
  • UNC Sets Issued By Hyderabad Mint Upto 2017

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Book Details

Indian Coinage British India - Republic India (1835 - 2017)

6th Edition

Published by Sainath Reddappa

Authored By Sainath Reddappa

Hard Bound, Pages 320

Complete Colour Pages

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